CeramicPlus finish by Villeroy and Boch - Highest quality with easy care

Introducing CeramicPlus from Villeroy and Boch


CeramicPlus is the innovative creation for clean and especially easy-care ceramic surfaces. Because it requires less cleaning and gives you more time to enjoy life.

Decisive advantages of CeramicPlus surfaces

CeramicPlus provides the best hygiene and cleanliness on all surfaces. The innovative CeramicPlus allows you to remove dried limescale marks effortlessly. Due to the easy- care ceramic surfaces, dirt and limescale will not stick to the surface as conventional ceramic. Furthermore, CeramicPlus is resilient to acid and alkaline and against cosmetics and medical products. Thus, cleaning ceramic coated with CeramicPlus is much easier and hygienic.

Beautiful bathroom ware with CeramicPlus

CeramicPlus finish is available in a wide range of Villeroy and Boch products.


Subway 2.0 collection


O.novo collection


From washbasin, bidet to WC, you will be able to select the CeramicPlus finish for the highest quality and easy maintenance. Speak to our design team to find out more.