How would we describe the Villeroy and Boch brand? Prestigious, luxurious, innovative and desirable spring to mind! This brand is held in such high regard in the interiors industry and recognised by the general public as a luxury brand with a superb pedigree in bathroom and kitchenware, as the logo says: established in 1748! They really are one of the premium brand names in bathrooms, with strong roots in European culture and thoroughbred lineage of collaboration with artists such as Pablo Picasso, huge name designers and having themselves in both the Villeroy and Boch families, truly visionary pioneers of their respective industries, fitting out the Titanic with tiles and also for the Holland Tunnel in New York to name but a few historical milestones. With a history spanning 270 years, Villeroy and Boch are one of the oldest-established, reputable European brands.


Today, Villeroy and Boch are represented worldwide in over 125 counties. The company headquarters remain in the Benedictine Abbey in Mettlach which is in the Saarland region of Germany and was purchased by the third generation Boch family member Jean Francois Boch in 1809 – our staff have been lucky enough to visit here on a number of occasions, ensuring our product knowledge is bang up to date with the best product training directly from Villeroy and Boch themselves in the “Villeroy and Boch Castle”. The company is represented worldwide with regional head offices and has eight production sites in Europe and for regional markets in Thailand and Mexico. Truly a global brand and rightly so down to their quality and design-led products that are a pleasure to use and a joy to own.

The company continues to expand globally, balancing growth in new markets whilst maintaining its strong presence at home in Europe with fabulous new designs and beautifully made products that are widely anticipated on release and highly sought after. Villeroy and Boch products have an element of fun and passion for life

We have bang up to date displays of Villeroy and Boch products available for you to view, we are constantly researching the latest trends and update our showroom several times a year. In addition to this, we also keep in mind the timeless pieces such as the much-loved Subway and Subway 2.0 which are always popular and are routinely available to view in our showroom (just give us a call to check on our current display items). We can supply the entire range of Villeroy and Boch goods, from their extensive range of bathroom goods through to kitchen sinks and tableware.

Innovation meets design

One of V&B’s recent innovations is the Finion range with the inspirational summary: Puristic design meets technology. This is a truly modern range designed very much for our times, the designer Patrick Frey wanted to set a new standard and incorporate the way we live now into a bathroom furniture range. One key example of this is the wireless charging station option you can add on the Finion shelf module units, such a practical and handy feature for modern living! Just picture yourself in your new bathroom, you can use the facilities, have a relaxing soak in your freestanding illuminated Finion bath, or a refreshing shower and all the while your sophisticated wireless charging compatible phone handset is placed safely on the surface of the unit, charging back up, ready for use again when you are on the go – the ultimate convenience for modern lifestyles! Finion also features a sound system option for the bath and the illuminated mirrors, meaning you can listen to your favourite soundtracks and playlists in the comfort of your relaxing bath, wind down post workout in the shower, or get refreshed and energised in the morning to an upbeat playlist or digital radio station streamed from your devices, you could even watch a movie on your iPad with the speakers in the bath and mirror as your very own bathroom surround sound! The only limit is your imagination with the Finion range, and with Villeroy and Boch bathroom and wellness products, there are so many possibilities, there is truly something for every customer under the Villeroy and Boch brand.

Award-winners - Villeroy and Boch have won a multitude of significant design awards over their long history from highly respected and impressive award bodies. Beginning with them winning a Gold medal at the first Prussian trade exhibition in Berlin in 1822, they continued to display their wares at World Trade Fair exhibitions to great applause and worldwide recognition. In modern times receiving accolades from iF Product Design Awards, RedDot Good Design, Design Plus, and Iconic Awards to name just a few! To us though, the most important feedback is from our clients, over our extensive experience in the bathroom industry our customers come back to us time and time again with positive feedback and praise on Villeroy and Boch items, we couldn’t recommend them any more highly!

Villeroy and Boch have recently celebrated 270 years with the motto “270 years of Quality and Design”. Villeroy and Boch customers are looking for high-quality, great fresh design and efficient products that are a pleasure to use and a delight to behold, lifting the room with fantastic, modern design. Come and visit our showroom today to experience Villeroy & Boch for yourself, you can browse our extensive displays and discover their product innovations for yourself. Our showroom staff can advise the right products for you or give you support and guidance if you already have ideas in mind, we offer a full design and fit service with great aftercare – get in touch today!

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