The brand names Hansgrohe and AXOR are amongst the most recognisable and respected names in the bathroom and kitchen brassware industries and with good cause. Hansgrohe being the core brand, and AXOR being their more architectural, experimental branch. Hansgrohe was originally founded in Germany in 1901, by forefather Hans Grohe himself, whom originally began producing sheet metal showers and finely crafted metal components for watches. That care and attention are maintained to this day, through their extensive research and development departments, fine-tuning new technologies and testing product performance to maintain their high standards. Over the decades Hansgrohe grew to the globally recognised brand it is today, winning many notable design awards, listing a multitude of patents, (such as the first-hand shower!) and working with numerous big named designers such as Philippe Starck and Patricia Urquiola on fantastic projects creating beautiful product ranges.


Hansgrohe and AXOR products have multiple benefits and features, Hansgrohe recognise water as a precious resource, as such many of their products are available with the EcoSmart upgrade which saves water for the environment and money on your water bill! The most prominent innovation in this area by Hansgrohe would be their greywater recycling systems. Award-winning and cutting edge they recycle grey water for re-use elsewhere around the home, again showing their commitment to sustainability and protecting the environment and our planet for future generations.
Other features on Hansgrohe and AXOR products include the easy clean nozzle function. This is a really handy feature as you can wipe over the soft rubber nozzles after using your shower or handset, this is quick and simple to do and stops any lime scale and dirt from building up before it even becomes noticeable, keeping your shower cleaner for longer, just look for the QuickClean logo or ask our friendly staff for help and advice on selecting the right shower head for you.

Innovation and Technology

Hansgrohe is always developing new bathroom and kitchen brassware innovations, one particular example of this would be the delightful PowderRain spray. This new spray type melds 2 great features together, the micro-droplets created by newly developed nozzle types with finer more numerous openings in each nozzle, create a spray that is both powerful enough to rinse out shampoo (a feature we are always asked for) but also smooth, full and voluminous enough to invigorate the senses and create a soothing sense of calm, relaxing muscles. The PowderRain spray also has minimal spattering when it hits the shower tray or wetroom floor, this again has multiple advantages. One being that less sound is produced as the microdroplets are spread out evenly and more finely, they create less noise than some heavier rain sprays. The other main advantage is with less of a spattering effect, there will be fewer and reduce watermarks left on the wetroom screen or enclosure door, keeping your glass areas cleaner for longer.

A multitude of products are available within each range, it is also possible to mix and match different components to create your dream shower. Just pop in and speak to our sales and design team who can help you create your ideal bathroom set up with Hansgrohe products. For example, you might want a multitude of different outlets to come from one main control, meaning you can control an overhead shower, a handheld showerhead and a bath filler from one control valve, keeping the overall design minimal and clean. This is possible with the combination of a huge range of differently designed valves, depending on your taste and the look you are creating. You can choose from different colour finishes, glass or metal and different shape handles and back plates such as strong square designs or softer round shapes.


There is a huge range of shower heads available, choose from waterfall heads that deliver a powerful, invigorating drop of falling water, to XXL performance large overhead showers with multiple spray types. Hansgrohe also produces various body jets, and sports showerheads such as the Clubmaster which delivers a strong massage spray ideal for post-workout muscle massage and is found in the finest hotels, health clubs and sports facilities. Even the humble hand shower is a design masterpiece, one of the most attractive and stylish being the AXOR baton shower head with a useful holder that cleverly doubles up as the wall union itself, reducing visual fuss and maintaining clean lines, simple and beautiful, the epitome of Hansgrohe and AXOR.

Special Finishes

Are you looking for special finishes? Rose-gold, brass or black? No problem, AXOR FinishPlus offers a huge range of different colour options to choose from, made with Hansgrohe’s latest coating technology where zirconium particles evaporate in a vacuum to create a flawless, deeply pigmented finish in your chosen colour. This finish is tough and robust, ten times stronger in fact than standard electroplating techniques. Basin taps, bath taps and even the Isiflex shower hose is also available in special colours on a made to order basis so you can match every last detail.

Hansgrohe Design

Design tastes in Germany and Europe are slightly different when it comes to bath taps in particular, in the UK we would traditionally have a hot and cold tap on the bath ledge, which can be a real pain finding the right combination of hot and cold water, and taking up room on the bath ledge. Whereas there are a few Monobloc bath tap options in Hansgrohe’s UK product offering, the best way to fill your bath is from a Hansgrohe Exafill waste. This saves space as your bath will fill from a spout integrated into your overflow, an otherwise rarely used area of the bath, simply combine this with a shower valve to control temperature and flow and you are on your way to creating a serene, clean bathroom design. Pop into our showroom to browse our Hansgrohe displays and speak to our friendly advisers today!

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