Geberit is a world-renowned bathroom sanitary ware manufacturer from Switzerland. Famous for its concealed cisterns and shower toilets, Geberit has recently launched a new range of toilets, basins and bathroom furniture.

Get to know Geberit – Company History

Even though the brand now is a European powerhouse and known throughout the work the company originally known as Gebert had humble beginnings in 1874 when its original founder Swiss Caspar Melchior Albert Gebert started a plumbing business.

1905 saw the company’s biggest development which still influences the business to this day. Being very much a family business Caspar’s son Albert manufactured the first lead-lined wooden cistern with lead fittings, which they named the Phoenix. The design of the cistern had been until this point very static, this saw a jump in the materials used and one of many steps-forward for Gebert.

As the company developed and expanded throughout Switzerland and neighbouring countries, Geberit, as it is known today, expanded its product offering to include traps and shut-off valves for the chemicals industry. Geberit continued to expand through Europe and in 1935 the possibilities of a new material we are all pretty familiar with now were being explored; plastic. In today’s society plastic are commonplace and we do not give it a second thought. In 1935, this new material was revolutionary and heralded new possibilities. Geberit began looking at how it could utilise this new material, but it would be years later in 1952 before its first plastic product launch, with the first plastic cistern.


With the launch of the new plastic cistern saw Geberit go through a restructuring and a rebranding. As the next generation of the Gebert family took control they change the company name from Gebert to Geberit and set their sights on developing their brand throughout the world.

Geberit were now opening offices in other counties like France and pushing further into Europe. Having already revolutionised the bathroom industry with the Phoenix Cistern and the fully plastic cistern, Geberit were consistently investing in developing new products and driving the industry forward. 1964 was a big year for Geberit as they launched the first concealed cistern. For many of us today we think of a back to wall toilet or a wall hung toilet as being very contemporary and modern but Geberit were producing a concealed cisterns 50+ years ago. It has taken the UK market and the UK tastes to catch up as predominantly we have had very traditional bathrooms where the styles of the actual WC’s and basins did not really change. The look changed, let’s just all collectively forget about the crazy bathroom colours from the 1970s (burnt orange anyone?). 1975 was the next big development for Geberit, as they a started their research into shower toilets, which would later become the Aquaclean range of toilets.

In 1991 the original founding family moved away for an operational role within the business. Following this came a restructuring of the now Geberit Group with divisions being separated out. At this point, Geberit has now pushed outside Europe and has a presence in the USA and in 1994 in China.

Skipping to 2009 and the Geberit group is no longer owned by the Gebert family and the group is now in Russia & India and its total turnover has surpassed one billion Swiss francs. The shower toilet which started development way back in the 1970’s now comes to the forefront of the business and is re-branded Aquaclean.
Bringing us to know and Geberit is one of the largest bathroom manufacturers in the world. Famous for their concealed cisterns and shower toilets, Geberit also offers a full range of sanitary ware.

Geberit Ranges

Geberit Duofix

Things have moved on a lot since Geberit’s Lead Phoenix Cistern. The Duofix cisterns are at the forefront of technological developments within the industry. There different models of the cistern with different specifications so you can match your unique installation to one of Geberit Cisterns.

The cisterns are divided into the following:
• Geberit Sigma
• Geberit Kappa
• Geberit Omega

Each of the different cisterns has matching flush plates to go with them. Geberit offers a staggering variety of the flush plates, so you will easily be able to find a plate that complements the style of your new bathroom. Generally, the flush actuators are either mechanical or pneumatic, but Geberit also has infra-red plates which really have to be seen in the flesh.


Geberit Aquaclean

The Shower Toilet is still not in the mainstream when it comes to bathroom design. Its something that is relatively recent for the UK market but it is growing at a massive rate. As a result, several other manufacturers have followed suit and launched their own versions into the market. The difference is that Geberit has been doing this for so long they know exactly what they are doing and the quality of their Geberit Aquaclean shower toilets cannot be surpassed.


Geberit Bathroom Collection

Their bathroom collection is a relatively new release for Geberit. They have a full selection of basins, Toilets and Bathroom Furniture. The Geberit Bathroom Collection is split into the following ranges:
• Geberit Acanto
• Geberit Citterio
• Geberit iCon
• Geberit Smyle
• Geberit Xeno2

Geberit is a great manufacturer and we couldn’t recommend them more highly. Why not come down to our showroom and take a look at Geberit for yourself?

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